I Made a Relationship Choice

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Nathan and I went for a walk on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywooe, down where Chin Chin is. We passed a store window with a mannequin  dressed in elegant Elizabethan attire. The entire outfit was made of recyclables—plastic bags, paper, batteries, etc. Very, very clever.  Then on a small sign it listed all the things that were represented as recyclables.

I said, “Hangers. See, I told you hangers are recycled.”  (He gets his shirts laundered and put on hangers.  He always puts the hangers in the trash.  I even brought up a separate trash can to the bedroom for the hangers and other recyclables. He got confused about which was which, and hence ignored it completely.So where was I?  Oh yes.

I said, “Hangers. See, I told you hangers are recyclables.”

He said, “Well keep telling me.”  What a smart-mouth.

That was the defining moment.

“Old Merle” would have had a fit. What disrespect, passing off such a serious subject so lightly — and with all the effort I’ve already gone to so it will be easy for him..

“New Merle” laughed.  I knew he wasn’t disrespecting, he was being honest. This isn’t one of his hot buttons. He recycles the obvious, the bottles, etc.  Actually, he’s the one that found the receptacle for the recyclables that fits under the sink.  So he’s not really a complete washout. We just have different things that are important to each of us.

\It’s been a long time now since I’ve decided that, as my friend told me today, “I’m tired of being angry.” I have brilliant friends.

So Nathan and I laughed together.  And I knew I had something to blog about.

Let me know your experiences. I’m interested.

Merle Singer
The Relationship Miracle Worker

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