I Improved My Marriage Quality of Life

Since when did you become Queen of the House? he asked..

Oooooo! He was cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

Since I was born, I said as I brushed up against him provocatively and gently delivered the lightest kiss. Our quality of life has definitely improved since I made the choice to not get angry at things that would have pushed my buttons in the past.

Wow. Things have changed. It all started this way. I was doing some work on the back porch. Nate came out to say that he was going to buy some wire and did I want anything. I said “no thanks.” I added, “It’s getting hot out here; I think I’ll go inside.”

What I see working--laptop and all--in my back yard.

What I see working--laptop and all--in my back yard.

He told me that it was getting warm inside as well, and that I will have to put on the air conditioner. I said. “Put it on? I didn’t turn it off. I always say turn it up, not off.” (Implying that he shouldn’t have turned it off and that it was his fault for it getting too warm in the house and that he should take care of it, since obviously he was the one who messed with it.)

Previously, he would have gotten defensive—kind of contracting. By now, he’s learned to be a bit humorously snotty—kind of expanding.

And that’s when he said “Since when did you become Queen of the House?” It was cute. He wanted to be cute, disfuse things without apologizing for his behavior/being himself.

It worked. We women don’t want to beat you men down; we just want to yell at you periodically when you’re not perfect—by whose definition you ask? By ours, duhhhhh.

He left on his errands. I moved my stuff inside and went upstairs to fix the thermostat. Guess what, last night he did it correctly; he hadn’t turned off the air conditioner.
What do you do when start to get annoyed or angry?
Let me know—on the blog, on Facebook or Twitter. Say something, please. I’m interested in your comments, questions, thoughts, reactions, feelings—what have I missed? Let me know.
Meanwhile, have a great weekend.
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