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If you’re a woman in a marriage or committed relationship who blames your unhappiness on your partner (you know, the toilet seat, the toothpaste, where he throws his dirty clothes…), but you care about your partner and want to save your relationship, then you’ve come to the right place!

In September, 2009, Merle Singer celebrated her 42nd anniversary with her husband Nathan, and in her own words: “My relationship still keeps getting better every day!”

But it wasn’t always that way. It took Merle years to first figure out that she COULD have a better relationship than the one that she had, and without any mentors or models, Merle had to figure out how to “fix” that and turn her relationship around. Fortunately for you, Merle is a trained educator, and while she was figuring out how to do this for herself, she observed what worked and what didn’t, and compiled her experience and her knowledge into a replicable, simple, three-step system that you can learn quickly and easily.

Yes. QUICKLY. And EASILY! And Merle also discovered that ONLY ONE PERSON (YOU!) needs to implement the system in order for it to be highly effective! That’s right, YOUR PARTNER DOESN’T NEED TO PARTICIPATE – he doesn’t even need to know that you’re doing this for you to get the full benefits of this course!

By learning from¬† this unique 3-module Course, you’ll transform your cold, rocky relationship into one that’s smooth and hot. And although Merle can’t guarantee exactly how long it will take for it to go from where it is now to “perfect,” this system is so effective that it comes with a guarantee:

As long as you participate fully in the course (meaning that you listen to the audio recordings of all of the classes AND do the exercises you’ll learn) you’ll experience measurable positive results in your life in 21 days or less, or your money back. No further question asked.

Following this class, you’ll feel…

Less anger and more love
Less disappointment and more peace
Less impatience and more humor
Less worry and more secure
Less sadness and more joy

This course is offered as a live TeleCourse monthly. After highly successful live teleclasses since December, 2009, this 3-Step TeleCourse is now available to you as a self-guided course, which you can listen to online and/or download the mp3 audio files, along with all of the course Worksheets and Homework Sheets in pdf format. The retail price for the live TeleCourse  is inching its way up to $297,  but you can purchase this self-guided version of the Course for

ONLY $97!

AND in addition to attending at this low price, you will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL FUTURE UPDATES of the 3-STEP “TRANSFORM YOUR RELATIONSHIP EXPERIENCE” SELF-GUIDED (electronic) COURSES, so you can repeat the course and listen to future recorded versions whenever you want, however often you want.

PLEASE NOTE: You’re pre-ordering this electronic version, which will be available in April, 2010.

Add to CartHere are the three modules you’ll be receiving:

Module 1: Step 1 – Your “What Is”
Module 2:
Step 2 – Your “What Could Be”
Module 3:
Step 3 – “Tools For Transformation” 7 Simple, Powerful Tools to Get You From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

All Modules include:

Access to the online streaming audios
Downloadable mp3 audio files
Homework Sheets
and more!

Remember, when you purchase this electronic Self-Guided version, you get Lifetime Access to all future updates of the 3-Step Self-Guided (electronic) Course.

So take advantage of purchasing now for just $97, and transform your relationship in the next 21 days or less!

PLEASE NOTE: You’re pre-ordering this electronic version, which will be available in April, 2010.

Add to CartI look forward to having you as a Student in this invaluable Self-Guided Course, and to helping you have more joy in your relationship!

Merle Singer (200h)

Merle Singer